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Chinese Dragon Kempo, hard hitting and effective !

About the Instructor: Robert Shook is the founder and chief instructor of
Chinese Dragon Kempo. From his youth, Mr. Shook continues an extensive,
determined and focused study of the ways and means of a number of Martial
Arts and self defense systems, including Tae Kwon Do, Kenpo, Hapkido,
Close Quarters Combat, Kung Fu and Ju-Jitsu. Robert Shook has Dan gradings
in Kenpo, Jujitsu and Hapkido. Mr. Shook took components from these systems
and brought together Chinese Dragon Kempo.

Chinese Dragon Kempo is a 7 volume system of self defense designed to give students hard hitting and effective self defense skills quickly and efficiently. The system is unique because it is designed for those students who do not have training partners. Students train and test with a target dummy so they can strike the targets and practice the techniques at full speed and power.
A simple philosophy and a fundamental mission lie at the core of Chinese Dragon Kempo, to be an effective self defense style a student must learn to defend him/herself successfully in a short period of time. Chinese Dragon Kempo accomplishes this mission by adhering to five teaching principles:
1) Teach the fundamental targets.
2) Teach the fundamental weapons - kicks, hand strikes and how to use them.
3) Emphasize simple counter attacks over the complex.
4) Apply similar counter attacks in multiple situations.
5) Train and test with a target dummy using all the force and aggression possible.
The 7 tape series sells for just $199.95 including Priority ship/handling.
Instructor Robert Shook demonstrates each technique and explains in simple, easy to follow instruction.