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Kombat Arts

Extreme Kombat Silat, Kombat Offense, & Kombat Weapons !


Instruction by: Guru Aaron Weiner

New ! SiGung Weiner's two newest releases, Bar Fighting & Close Quarters / Mass Attacks, a total of 2 DVD's intro priced at $59.95 with free worldwide shipping. May use for rank advancement or certification in some of SiGung Weiner's Kombat systems !

Extreme Kombat Silat is a hybrid system of Silat instructed by Aaron Weiner. This system is demonstrated on a two DVD set with 36 base techniques plus a section on salutation and break falls. Unlike some Silat this system does not include the Harimu Ground System. Get street practical with Extreme Kombat Silat. All testing may be done on one video test, complete testing instructions included with your order. Successful completion will result in Black Belt ranking.
The Instructor, Aaron Weiner holds Black Belt ranking in severals styles and is a trainer of local, state, federal and military law enforcement.
Check out our introductory price specials below !

Order Extreme Kombat Silat DVD's 1 & 2 here, regular price $79.99, intro priced right now at just $59.99 with free worldwide shipping !

Order Extreme Kombat Silat Total Package here. Includes DVD's 1 & 2 plus prepaid testing , regular $179.99, just $149.99, save $30 right now !

When you know you have to hit first ! A must have for any self defense system !

Order the Extreme Kombat Offense Home Study Course, all material purple to black belt on one DVD, with prepaid Black Belt exam, only $149.95 right now, save $20 !

Order the " First Strikes " Extreme Kombat Offense DVD here, all material on one DVD from Purple thru Black Belt level. Test fee seperate, $59.95, free shipping...

              Also Available !!! KOMBAT WEAPONS HOME STUDY !

Order Kombat Knife Home Study here, all material on one DVD ( purple thru black belt ), includes prepaid Black Belt test & free shipping. Certificate awarded upon completion. Only $149.99 !

Order Kombat Stick Home Study Course here, includes prepaid exam fee for your Certificate of Training, awarded upon completion. All material on one DVD, only $129.99, free shipping !

You may elect to work the two above programs together and earn your rank in Kombat Weapons, total for both DVD Home Study Courses and prepaid test fee on one video test, $199.95 ! Call for details.