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Some answers here, if you don't find it drop us an e-mail !

Q. Can you really learn from video tapes or DVD's ?
A. If you can learn in a dojo, you can also learn from video or DVD, so the short
    answer is yes ! The longer answer: ideally you would have a partner ( uki ) that
    also has an interest in training, whether they be testing or not. You can also
    use your spouce, or other person, just bear in mind that if the Uki does not
    have an interest , or train in Martial Arts you will need to use extra caution.
    We have students right now who have trained by video and won in local M.A.
    Competitions, of course not all of us are interested in competition, but the
    situational aspects are excellent as well.
Q. Do I have to have a partner to train with ?
A. For Jiu-Jitsu, Judo, ARC Ryu, Shin Su Do, Muay Thai and Submissions
    Library the answer is yes. For Chinese Dragon Kempo you only need a
    training dummy, for Kenpo and Kung Fu you can train without a partner
    thru Brown Belt Level, Black Belt or Sash require a partner for testing.
Q. How long do I have to wait between submitting Rank Tests ?
A. This is part of the beauty of training on your own time, you can train every
     day if you like. Due to the nature of our program, SRMAA does not impose
    mandatory minumum time frames between submitting test tapes, you can
    move at your own pace. The Renzoku Jiu-Jitsu course does have a minimum
    of 3 months between Shodan and Nidan test ( first and second deg. Black ),
    and 6 months between other Dan Rankings.
Q. If I order a set of tapes am I the only one who can test from them.
A. Once you have your Home Study Course you can test your entire Dojo from
    them, or you and your Uki, you and your spouce, etc. Every student would
    be required to pay their own testing fee for rank, but several can work off
    one set of video tapes.
Q. How do I know that you will be there when I get ready to test and that I don't
    just end of with a set of tapes.
A. SRMAA ( Shintai Ryu Martial Arts ) has offered Home Study Programs for over
   9 years now. We have students who have bought our programs and never test-
   ed , and we have students who have earned their Black Belt ranking. Don't
   worry , we're not going anywhere.
Q. If I get a set of tapes and am not happy with the style or system can I get a
A. All tapes sales are final, however, if you have a set of tapes and feel you have
   choose the wrong course give us a call, we will try to work out a swap for
   another system. This offer applies for 1 month from date of original purchase.
Still have questions ? Drop us an e-mail at
Or give us a call at 1-888-949-2743. You may also mail your questions to:
Shintai Ryu Martial Arts
Rt.2, Box 432
Ridgeley, WV 26753

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