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Shintai Ryu Martial Arts Association
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Instructors Wanted

Long Distance Instructors Wanted
If you are a Martial Arts Instructor teaching a style not currently represented by SRMAA Martial Arts Video we would like to hear from you and view a demo tape of your instruction. Interested Instructors should send demo tape to:
Shintai Ryu Martial Arts
Attn: Demo Tape Dept.
Rt. 2, Box 432
Ridgeley,WV 26753

Qualified Instructors in styles/arts not presently represented here may send a resume to
Please provide style/art, rank, lineage, and all the general info about your Martial Arts background that you can. Also advise whether you are willing to rank students by long distance testing and to what level ( in person testing may be a requirement for Black Belt ).
Also advise if you have videos or DVD's of your instruction available or if they would need to be filmed.
SRMAA makes no guarantees of acceptance, each will be reviewed on an individual basis, we will respond with an e-mail if accepted, along with compensation plan.